Aircraft Charter

Why Private Jet?

VatanJet is at your service with experienced team and Gulfstream 450, one of the most reliable and luxurious aircraft in its class.

Our 13-passenger aircraft, with a range of 8061 km and a speed of 904 km/h, has all the features requested for individual and corporate charter services, and can operate from all airports in the world, unless there is a special restriction.

All your needs during your trip have been taken into consideration down to the last detail, and our services are shaped in line with your demands.

Thanks to the comfortable, spacious and functional cabin, you will experience a journey in the comfort of your home and you will not realize how time passes thanks to cabin entertainment systems (Blu-Ray player, Iridium Phone, 6-channel independent music system), internet access.

You will have a pleasant journey with high-quality service and delicious cold and hot caterings by our experienced cabin crew.

Your health is important and essential to us; for this reason, all cleaning and disinfection processes are carried out with great care, in accordance with the standards declared by aircraft manufacturers and civil aviation authorities. The ventilation system of our aircraft provides 100% fresh air flow throughout the flight and we offer the hygiene kit specially prepared for you.

We are at your service to enable you to reach wherever you want, whenever you want, without loss of time.

We will be pleased to host you in order to benefit from the following advantages and avoid disadvantages. 

Personal privileges
High-quality service
Spacious Passenger Cabin
In-cabin entertainment system
Internet access
Opportunity to work, meet, chat and rest
Safe and healthy travel
Saving time
Opportunity to travel anywhere at any time
Option to change flight time, destination and passengers according to instant needs
Waste of time


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